How to make a flower crown

Making a flower crown can be easy and fun. Our step-by-step guide will show you how to make a flower crown magic flower crown to wear or give away as a gift! Before you get started on this flower crown DIY, take a look at what materials you’ll need.

Florist wire, pre-covered and with bead detail

Florist tape

7 x real or artificial flowers, specially selected to match your chosen theme and prepared for flower crown making

Leaf vine trim to co-ordinate with your completed flower crown

Step-by-step instructions to complete your flower crown

Step 1 – Arrange Your Flowers

Arrange your flowers in your chosen design. We suggest that you start with the largest flower in the centre and then work out to the edges with three flowers on each.

The Flower crown has better structure if you place the smallest flowers at the edges of the design 

Step 2 – Measure Your Head

Measure your head with the wire and hold the ends together where it meets. Consider where you would like to where the crown, i.e. forward on the brow or higher on the head.

Hold the wire together making the shape shown on the image. With the ends crossed over each other twist the ends over the wire until you have a complete circle, keeping the wires as flat as you can

Pop this back onto your head to ensure that it fits and that it sits where you wish to wear your Flower crown. 

Step 4 – Getting Your Tape Ready

Wash your hands to remove any creams or lotions that you may have used as these will affect the adhesion of the tape.

Open the self-adhesive florist’s tape and tear a piece off. NB the tape will not tear if you pull it, it will just stretch. It is better to tear in a downwards motion. 

Rub the tape between your finger and thumb. You will feel it start to go sticky. The impregnated glue is activated by the warmth and pressure from your fingers. 

Wrap the end of your tape over the end of the wire and give it a squeeze. It should now be attached. Continue to wrap and squeeze, keeping the tape as flat as possible and working in a diagonal motion, until you have used the piece of tape.

Repeat this on the other side of the wire joint. You should now have a complete circle shape with both ends stuck down and the joints concealed. This area (where there are no beads) will be at the front of your flower crown

This area (where there are no beads) will be at the front of your Flower crown.

Step 5 – Adding Your Flowers

Tear off a piece of tape and have this ready to use.

With the beads pointing upwards, take your first flower and lay it against the last bead on the front section of the crown.

Pressing the stem of the flower attach the piece of tape as close as you can to the head of the flower.

Using the tape as before, wrap diagonally over both stem and the wire until the stem is fully covered. Remember to keep the tape as flat as possible and press between each time you wrap in order to activate the glue.

Step 6 – Adding More Flowers

Repeat the process with the next flower. Place the flower next to the first one so that the stem is covered by the flower head. Don’t push up too close or the completed design may appear crushed.

Continue to add flowers until you have added all 7 flowers.

If you come to the point where the beading restarts you can either work over or around the beads or you can simply remove them by pulling them out.

Step 6 – Adding the Leaf Vine

Take the piece of leaf vine trim and place the end as closely as you can to the last flower head in the design. 

Using a small piece of the tape, attach the ribbon to the wire. Using the beads as a guide, wrap the trim around the wire working your way around it.

When you come to the flowers on the front of the crown, wrap the trim in-between them.

Attach the end trim at the point where you attached the start of it. If the trim is too long, cut off the excess.

Congratulations! Your beautiful flower crown design is now complete

All that remains is for you to put on your Flower crown and take a selfie!

Please remember to tag Flower crown Magic in your photos on social media as we would love to see your beautiful flower crown designs.

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