Can I wear a flower crown?

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Every girl wants an excuse to wear flowers in her hair, which may explain why flower crowns have become one of the most popular bridal accessories.

Natural headpieces were first used in bohemian ceremonies to provide an alternative to veil. Brides all over the world began to customise their floral halos to fit every style of wedding, from elegant and sophisticated to whimsical and chic.

Flower Crowns are not just for brides though – anyone can wear them regardless of age and gender.

What Occasions can I wear a flower crown for?

 You can wear a flower crown anytime of the year, for any occasions. They’re not just for brides and weddings. Winter and Autumn flower crowns are very popular and we’ve lots of customers who buy our flower crowns instead of spending a fortune on fascinators and hats for special occasions such as garden parties, public events and going to the races. 

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